1.2 / March 7, 2017
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Drone Afterpulse Wars brings you the most epic military offensive , fast-paced war game and real action , constant dog fights shooting game ! Operate the world’s best fighter jets with an arsenal of weapons and bring the fire rain , very addictive top down shooter !Be the soldier you always wanted to be , serve in your army select your country ,be on the afterpulse to support your troops to invade different planets of the galaxy where you will face different high tech fighting machines destroy all of them to move further , after few waves you will have to face powerful bosseseach boss will get more and more powerful with the increased waves !!The best dogfight free shooting game on google play store !!The graphics of this free game is specifically designed for kids , the atmosphere and the ambient is really amazing every kid is going to love this free game designed for sole purpose or entertainment !!control your spaceship to control the war kill as many enemies as you can the waves will keep getting stronger after every five waves you will have to kill the boss after every five waves you have to kill a new boss , every new boss will be more powerful and harder to kill full of shooting game entertainment !!The free shooting kids game the easiest way to kill time is to download this free game !!There is no zombie modes in this game not yet , but we are also figuring out a zombie like mod for this game , the mod will be like a planet infested with zombie like creatures and you will have to defend your base from incoming zombie waves , it will soon be ready !!Get the amazing actions shooting game with lots of amazing features , the best action dogfight free game on google play store---->>> Game features -->Free shooting game--> Action Game --> Free to Play--> Amazing Graphics--> Works Offline--> In Game Currency--> Earn Achievements--> Real-time Statistics--> Select your country--> Player Experience--> Easy User Interface--> Dog fight game//--------------------------------------//we are also working to make a co-op local multiplayer mode for two players at a timethis coop mode will allow two player to bomb powerful bosses side by side so wait for our local multiplayer mode//--------------------------------------//Gamereon will keep working on new quality games if you like what i am doing or you want to send your thoughts search Gamereon on FB !! if you like my games give me ratings , that is really motivating !! Thanks !!//---------------------------------------//

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Afterpulse Wars