1.0.0 / October 8, 2016
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Gunship Flying Battle is an exciting battle game where you fly a gunship into the war for the second or third time round! Fly around in space and make sure to avoid the sudden asteroid obstacles that you see in your path. You can also collect coins to achieve high scores.Those who have played with helicopter games can easily pick up the 3D gunship and do battle in space with the alien enemies. They send you lots of rocks to purposely make you crash; so try your level best to avoid the obstacles at all costs! Features of Gunship Flying Battle # Interesting Game Play set in space where there’s the second inter-galactic war and battle using a gunship# Asteroid rocks and comets for you to avoid# Challenge your friends by collecting the most gold coins among themWho is this game for?* Players who love spaceships and flying obstacle games* Anyone in the family can play the Gunship Flying Battle gameBattle in the second space war with a unique gunship:* Open the game to the front page. Press “Play” to start the game* Press on the screen for the gunship to ascend, and let go of the screen to make it descend* The objective is to collect as many coins as possible to reach the highest scoreGunship Flying Battle is a game whereby you’ve got to have very good controls. When you do battle with a gunship in 3D it can be similar to flying a helicopter for the first time! This game will test your limits and your motor coordination so that those with faster reaction will be able to get higher scores. It is one thing to aim for every gold coin you see; it is quite another to successfully avoid asteroids and still collect the gold.We hope you will enjoy the experience playing Gunship Flying Battle and that you will also leave some valuable feedback for us!

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